Monday, March 12, 2007


Spring Break in Mazatlon. What a great time. I advise everyone to at least once in their college career to get on a spring break trip to Mexico, Jamaica, South Padre, or just somewhere you have to fly. I happened to go to Mazatlon, Mexico with some of my best friends from St. Cloud. WE HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST! It can get a little bit spendy, but it is worth giving up a few fast food meals and some spontaneous shopping to put into a travel account. My friend Larry traveled to South Padre Island with a group of people and spent just under 500 dollars. That cost included driving, hotels, "extra curriculars", plus about 150 dollars in clothes. I spend about a total of 550 for flight and hotel, and about 300 dollars on food, drink, gifts, and taxis. Bottom line, it was worth it. Pictures to follow!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

SAAAweeet Video

Here is a series of "commercials" that Jon Turner and I made for my marketing class. As you will soon find out, Jon is pretty dangerous with a mouse and a video editing program. I guarantee, 60 percent of the time, you'll laugh....EVERY TIME.

If you feel so inclined, check out Jon's other videos at his blog

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wake up...spoken word.

Wake up...

I like people who smile a lot....I like the way the sun heats up an asphalt parking lot... that's been transformed into a streetball court...i'm talking metal rims and all, you ever hear of a game called slamball? Gymnastics, basketball, and football, that's mean...just give me that oop off the backdoor trampoline...but that isn't all. I'm not just a jock. Sometimes on my harmonica i'll rock...out to a beat all by myself...just sit on my porch and listen to my own worst melody's i suck air through ten specific routes to make the sounds that i love to hear...i've always thought the highnote sounds like a bird chirpin in the clear...because he got away from a snake or a predaTORE..because he's made his way ahead some more... in his life of a little feathered creature..sometimes a bird can be a wonderful teacher..if you've ever seen an eagle soar like it owns what's below... you'll understand why some people walk the way they do, real cool and real slow...cuz maybe they are walking to find a place they want to rest...get away from life, a constant test...of your will, your integrity, and your willingness to father Marley would say "don't give up the right". What does that mean probably not many know, but there is more to it than getting high and coming back down low...
A person once told me that you can't be happy without money, but I see smiles on the faces of little kids in Africa with a malnutritioned tummy...some of them think that they have the life just because every day they get a full bowl of next time you're hungry why don't you just smile..because you know that you won't be hungry after while. The circle of life??? some have diameter bigger than others...but circle this classified, "Wanted: love for friends,family,sisters and brothers"

Most of us have never had to survive...we just keep waking up until we die.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Why Dakota State?

In a recent interview with one of the top writers (Dan Wise) of the school newspaper-- Trojan Times. This same question was asked of me... "Noah, why Dakota State? Why here?" Here's hows I answered...

To be honest, it was between SDSU and DSU, I grew up in Brookings and have always taken a liking to that town. A lot of my friends were going to SDSU, and after ruling out University of Minnesota because of costs, I was almost sure I'd walk onto the SDSU football team and get something like an economics degree.

What pulled me away from this decision?

Three things:
My Major

Yeah I know, this is beginning to sound like a raw raw raw DSU post, but here's the deal. Former coach Gene Wockenfuss contacted me after visiting a few players from the old Bobcat 2004 football team (don't get me started). He offered two things that appealed to me: chance to play early, Scholarship. The scholarship was not a breathtaking figure, but combined with some academic "Cash Money" it was starting to look like a pretty good deal.

*Side Note* If you are a high school junior or senior and you know or are even thinking about going to college the ACT is a great tool to save you a lot of money. I received the Champion scholarship for getting a 24 on the ACT. I didn't get it on my first try, but it was definitely worth taking over. Here's a little story problem for those of you interested:

24 on ACT = Champions Scholarship (click here for more info) = $1000/year for 4 years = $4000 (yeah I passed calc too)


--"Good Paying" $10 per hour job,
--Total= $4000
--Hours = X

$4000=10 * X
OK....carry the one....x/y intercept hyper graphed into point slope formula...
X=400 hours

So, I definitely didn't spend 400 hours taking the ACT. Matter of fact, I spent about 8.

do you know anyone who would accept a job for $500 dollars an hour? bad on the getting sidetracked *SIDE NOTE OVER*

My Major
SDSU didn't have a true business major. I wanted business management. If I'm correct they just had economics.

The tuition costs were similar whether I went to SDSU or DSU. So basically, it would have cost me an extra thousand dollars to buy a good laptop at SDSU, while my Tablet PC was included in the tuition cost at DSU.

Give Thanks by Abby Sanderson

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie-it all brings us back to one fond memory: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the time to give thanks; to be appreciateve of everything and everyone you have. Many are very practiced in giving thanks, while many of us could use a little work.

I will use myself as an example. I was having a n awful week. The week decided to say hello to me with cramps. Fun. The next day was my sister's birthday party and I realized the camera was missing and had been missing for a few days. Fantastic. The next day I got to school and found out I had misplaced both my assignment book, and my physics folder. Glorious. I have this tendency to lose things. In less than a week I managed to lose a camera, my assignment book, my physics folder and my eraser for a brief couple of days. How I managed to do this surpasses me. Because of these inconveniences, I will admit that I was cranky for a few days. I moped around, feeling sorry for myself. Out of all the people in the world: "Why me?"

I was in sociology one of those days and our student teacher showed us a video of a man whose song hanged himself. I tried to put myself in that position but found it impossible to start to imagine to feel what that father felt.

After watching the clip, I sat there for a while and thought about all the things I was angry about. Three stuck out in my mind: a camera, an assignment book, and a physics folder. Although these three things are valuable to me, other things take precedence. I started to think of countless things I could lose which would make the situation much worse than it was. What if, on top of losing my camera, my assignment book, and my physics folder, someone I loved was hurt? My arm got chopped off? My kitty went on vacation? All of a sudden I felt extremely guilty and selfish and dramatic for making such a big deal. I thought about it and concluded that it wouldn't really be the end of the world if I had to live without an assignment book.

Instead of focusing on all of the negative things in my life, and asking, "Why me?" I started focusing on all of the positives. I started thinking of all the things I could be thankful for. I have family and friends whom I love and who love me. I have a home. It's not a fancy home, but it's my home. I have a bed to sleep in at night. I'm able to eat three times a day. now if I was missing these things, I might have something to mope around about.

This story has a happy ending. It actually taught me a lesson. Once I stopped being so negative about losing my things, I just sort of settled down and focused on what mattered and what was good in life. Then, miraculously, my camera ended up being in a friend's car, my physics folder and assingment book were under a journalism desk, and a friend found my beloved eraser in a couch.

During Thanksgiving think of the things really matter. Don't think about you camera. Cameras and assignment books and so many other things that people complain about are material things that can be replaced one way or another. No matter how bad your day is going, or how many things you are losing, there is always something to be thankful for. There is always something, big or small, that you can smile about. Whether you're thankful you don't have a math test, or you're thankful that you get to eat tonight, there's always something. So give thanks!

Abby is two things, my sister and an excellent writer. I have asked permission to post an article she wrote for the Broboca, the Brookings High School newspaper. If you have any thanksgiving stories, comments, or questions, feel free to post a comment and share your thoughts.